Focused on a Regenerative Approach

As Tennessee’s leading Regenerative Medicine Practice, Nashville Spine Institute offers the most advanced therapy options for Stem Cell, PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) therapy, Prolotherapy, and the Discseel® Procedure. For the last five years Dr. Brandon Tolman has performed hundreds of regenerative medicine procedures as the most prominent physician within the field of regenerative medicine in the Greater Tennessee area. At Nashville Spine Institute, our team is dedicated to making a change and giving hope to those who want to get back to feeling their best.

The Discseel® Procedure

A revolutionary regenerative medicine procedure that allows you to stop suffering from Chronic Back Pain.

Starting at $12,900+ (depending on location(s) & complexity)
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Stem Cell Therapy

Aids in the healing process by promoting your body's natural cellular repair processes.

Starting at $3,000+ (depending on location(s) & complexity)
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Most commonly used to treat injuries that occur due to overuse and to stabilize joints that have become unstable.

Starting at $800 (each additional join is $100)
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Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP)

An effective way to jump start the recovery process from soft tissue injuries & repetitive sports injuries.

Starting at $1,500+ (depending on location(s) & complexity)
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Hear from Discseel® Patients

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Success Rate 1
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Failed Spinal Fusion 2
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Discseel® Procedures Performed3
  1. of Discseel® patients report an improvement and a reduction in overall pain
  2. of patients who previously had a failed spinal surgery get relief from a Spinal Fusion
  3. Statistic is measured across all locations in the United States
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